Author: Jackie Troller

The Hawaiian Islands. Most know it as an island of hula dancing, grass skirts, coconuts, and delicious mai tai’s. For me, I am lucky to say Hawai’i has become my second home, though I probably spend more time in the ocean than on “da ‘aina” aka the land. In moving from Chicago to Hawai’i to pursue an undergraduate career in Marine Science, my childhood infatuation with Lake Michigan expanded to incorporate the beautiful and archaic Pacific Ocean. Through sharing marine research and my ocean journeys, I hope to offer an educational and inspirational platform for people of all ages.

Golden Gate Bridge

Happy 80th Birthday Golden Gate Bridge

On May 27, 1937, the Golden Gate bridge was officially opened to pedestrians. Eighty years later, the bridge remains one of the world’s largest suspension bridges, spanning 4,200 ft (1,280 m) and constructed with 80,000 miles (128.748 km) of wire. Fun Fact: The Golden Gate Bridge lost it’s natural arch while supporting approximately 300,000 people, […]

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Truly Free

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When the sky kisses the sea

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Curious Sharks

Ran into these cuties while freediving a cave! These smaller sized sharks grow to about 5.25 feet and will rest during the day in sand, under ledges, in the back of caves, or even on each other. Unlike most other sharks, whitetips do not rely on swimming to breathe, because they can pump water over […]

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Being Grateful

Today, this guy was thankful for catching a few barrels and I was thankful to capture them! What are you grateful for?

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