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Chicago Skyline Lake Michigan

Oceans to Lakes

  What does Lake Michigan have in common with the ocean? The contrasts seem obvious: freshwater vs. saltwater, size, species, smell, etc; however, there are a few surprising commonalities this Great Lake shares with the ocean. Reefs Believe it or not, Lake Michigan has reefs; Milwaukee reef, Julian’s reef and Wilmette reef, just to name […]

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Lake Michigan sunset

The Great Lakes

Coastal (ocean) residents often overlook the majestic nature of the Great Lakes. Prior to my recent visit to Lake Michigan, many of my ocean dwelling friends scoffed at the thought of a lake. “But you can’t even see the other side,” I say, as I became slightly defensive of my childhood playground. The statement typically […]

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Coxless Crew

The Coxless Crew

The Coxless Crew is made up of six extraordinary heroines, rowing 8,446+ to support two charities: Breast Cancer Care and Walking with the Wounded. Without an escort, the crew relies on the “comforts” provided by their 29 ft pink rowing machine named Doris, as they cross Earth’s largest ocean. Made of carbon fibre, Doris is […]

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The Mega Expedition

There is no shortage of stories on the Pacific garbage patch and the issues associated with plastic pollution in our oceans. Net tows in the 1970’s foretold the accumulation of ocean garbage patches. So how do we solve this problem? The Mega Expedition manta net used to assess plastic particles in the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” The best […]

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