Tag: Freediving

Curious Sharks

Ran into these cuties while freediving a cave! These smaller sized sharks grow to about 5.25 feet and will rest during the day in sand, under ledges, in the back of caves, or even on each other. Unlike most other sharks, whitetips do not rely on swimming to breathe, because they can pump water over […]

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A Date with Poseidon

Taking one last breath, I prepare to cross the boundary of air and water, leaving one world for another.   PC: Joakim Hjelm

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Deja Blue 007 Freediving Competition

Freediving is a sport where you challenge your most basic need, the urge to breath. Check out Oceatroller in Grand Cayman for Performance Freediving International’s freediving competition, Deja Blue. Deja Blue – from Oceantroller on Vimeo.

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