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Curious Sharks

Ran into these cuties while freediving a cave! These smaller sized sharks grow to about 5.25 feet and will rest during the day in sand, under ledges, in the back of caves, or even on each other. Unlike most other sharks, whitetips do not rely on swimming to breathe, because they can pump water over […]

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Chicago Skyline Lake Michigan

Oceans to Lakes

  What does Lake Michigan have in common with the ocean? The contrasts seem obvious: freshwater vs. saltwater, size, species, smell, etc; however, there are a few surprising commonalities this Great Lake shares with the ocean. Reefs Believe it or not, Lake Michigan has reefs; Milwaukee reef, Julian’s reef and Wilmette reef, just to name […]

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The Hawaiian Archipelago

The Hawaiian archipelago can be divided into two sections; The populated Main Hawaiian Islands (ranging from the big island of Hawai’i to Ni’ihau) and the protected Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (ranging from Nihoa to Kure). The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands encompass 139,797 square miles of the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest protected area under the U.S. […]

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